Embrace the time you’ve been given – Everything doesn’t have to be okay is this episode’s quote that has changed my life. Have a listen to the ep and let me know what you think!

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Hey guys, welcome back to This Quote Changed My Life, a podcast about intentional action. I’m Tracey, the host of the show and I’m so happy to be here with you for episode 52! Whether you’re new to the podcast (hello) or if you’ve been around for a while (hello to you too), I’m grateful to each and every one of you for hitting the play button and spending this time with me.

This Quote is about memorable and inspirational quotes I’ve seen, that really have struck a chord with me and made me take action – so I really hope that you also find some inspiration from any of these episodes and that it makes you get up and make some moves towards whatever goal that you have right now.

So with that, let’s talk about this episode’s quote which is –

Everything doesn’t have to be okay

This quote has really meant a lot of me lately – and maybe now that you’ve heard it, it will mean a lot to you too.  

I think why it resonates so much with me right now is because I’m finally learning that perfection really does not exist – feeling 100% and looking 100% and doing all the things at 100% – that kind of mentality was actually harming me, more than it was helping me. It was not something that motivated me, chasing what others told me was ideal.

I think the idea of perfection has created a monster in a lot of us – that now we have to feel guilty for wanting to do something for ourselves or for feeling a certain way. And it stops us from taking the next step, because we feel like we’re ‘not ready yet’.

Perfection has slid into our daily life as if it was something to strive for. And for a lot of us, me included, our lives will be sprinkled with stressful times. We are going to have things thrown at us that really suck. We are going to stumble into situations that are new and challenging and hard to navigate. Whether it’s a pandemic, or your own physical or mental health, relationships, your career, money – there are just so many variables that you can’t really control, that do effect your daily wellbeing.

How can you really expect to control every part of your life? You can’t. No one can. No one on this planet has the ability to magically make everything they’re dealing with, okay. And that’s just how life is.

Everything doesn’t have to be okay.  

There are going to be some parts that are feeling quite good right now – which is awesome and we should be grateful for that and soak that in. But the parts that are not so great at the moment are also valid parts of your day, your life – and that’s okay too.

I think why I wanted to talk about this quote today is because I see people thinking that they are not worthy because they don’t have it altogether right now. Or that something is not quite how they thought it would be (hello 2020) and they’ve written to whole thing off.

Or they’re still trying to figure themselves or something else out, and don’t see themselves as happy – yet.

I think placing your happiness on a future goal is so so harsh on who you are TODAY. Thinking that you’ll be happy or better or accepted or amazing once you reach a certain goal, doesn’t honour the person who you are right now.

Being mindful of yourself at all stages and really sitting with yourself today to reflect on all the stuff you’ve gone through – its important. Taking care of yourself today, will get you through these tough times SO you can reach your goal.

Find a way to steady yourself, focus on the good in the ordinary, and in the hard. We don’t need to be soldiers, and this is not an invitation to be lazy – this is a call, to you, to embrace the time you have been given today. Find gratitude in the things you have in your life right now. Take your challenges as lessons. Hard times won’t last, but our strength and grace will.

Everything doesn’t have to be okay. You can have a really crappy day, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have a crappy week. You can have a poop show of a month, but doesn’t mean you should forget the entire year.

There is still a lot of value in every moment we’re given – and I really hope that you embrace a B- day and stop thinking that A+ is the only way you’ll get to be happy. It’s okay to be different, it’s okay to feel how you feel, and it’s okay to have things in your life that are just not perfect.

Everything doesn’t have to be okay.

So how can we stop ourselves from expecting things to be perfect? I think it really starts with just noticing our thoughts – catching ourselves when we start to talk negatively about our day, or our actions or feelings. Being mindful of those bad habits that maybe feel normal to you, and asking yourself to think of something you’re grateful for, or what went right, instead.

Making it a daily habit by writing in a journal, or just using those last few minutes of your day to reflect back on the things you loved about your day. Filling your mind up with more of the positive, than the negative – while still acknowledge how hard it was. I think that would help us all feel like each day we lived was worthy and that it was okay if something went a bit wonky.

Wonky is good. We can deal with wonky, we can. (lol). We are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

Everything doesn’t have to be okay.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of This Quote Changed My Life.

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