3 quotes for building better habits  | Episode 81 

July 25, 2022

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Hey friends! You’re listening to This Quote Changed My Life, a podcast about inspired action. My name is Tracey and I’m the host of this show! 

Thank you so much for your patience – I was supposed to be back last week, but I underestimated how much time I would have to myself and then it was Friday and still no podcast – which is completely okay for course isn’t it? I think I will switch to getting a podcast out on a Wednesday each week, it’ll just give me time to start off my week with a little bit more grace and also hit my goals of weekly podcasting again. 

And this kind of brings me to this week’s quote – or quotes – 3 quotes actually. This week is all about building better habits. If you’re a long time listener of the podcast, you know I am a believer in habits over motivation – because if you only relied on ‘what you felt good’ or ‘I’m in the mood to get this done’ – you will find yourself at the mercy of your energy levels. And like me, who last week relied too much on ‘when I find time’ to get things done – the likelyhood of ever getting something done is next to zero chance. 

So my friends, we are going to remind ourselves about building good habits into our lives – yes we’re going to go with the flow but we’re also going to remember our why – why we want to do the thing – why is this important to us – what would it mean if you could chip away at your goal. Remember that why, and then make solid plans to repeat the small steps needed to reach that goal. 

As I just mentioned, I have 3 quotes to help us with building back these good habits. 

The first quote is – move different if you want different. 

And I love this quote because it really is about change being a catalyst for growth. A lot of us tend to get stuck in what we know – and I get it, it’s comfortable and we can pretty much predict what will happen next and we like that. It makes us feel safe to know what’s coming. But at the same time, if we’re not learning anything new – if we are doing the things, but not getting anywhere, it’s probably time to change things up – it take a new path, to figure out the parts that aren’t working for us anymore and to think of change as part of your growth. 

If you want different, then you need to think differently. You need to move differently – you need to act differently. Or you will get stuck in that predictable loop. 

The second quote is – ➕A behavior usually becomes easier to do when repeated. 

And that is really the next step in building better habits – once you have decided on what your next step is, what is the behavior you need to repeat? What is the next action step? 

The next step is probably going to be new to you – it’s going to seem a bit scary and daunting to start and that’s only really because it is new. It’s something you’ve never tried before, so it’s supposed to feel challenging. Maybe we need to upgrade our language around trying new things – while you could say it’s ‘too hard’ – maybe change the way you look at it and say things like ‘today I am a beginner, tomorrow will be better’, or instead of saying ‘I can’t do this’, we add on ‘yet’ ‘I can’t do this yet’. 

The behavior, the action, will usually become easier as you repeat it – as you progress and move forward. Day 1 is day 1, imagine the possibilities of day 21 or day 100. How proud would you be if you just kept going? That’s all you – all your hard work. Get to that next day, and the next. Keep going. 

The third quote that I love for building better habits is – You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. 

This quote is similar to what we’ve just talked about – daily habits, changing the way you do things to get a different outcome. But I wanted to talk more about YOU. 

You are ready. You are. Today is a great day to start changing your life for the better, and while yes we may need help along the way, I want you to be your own hero in your story. I want you to know that you can do hard things, you will get through the muck and you will figure it out along the way. 

I think once we grasp the courage to stand up and take charge of our lives, we become more confident and resilient – we start to trust ourselves more than we ever had and start to create things that we’re proud of. 

You will never change YOUR life, until YOU change something YOU do daily. 

What is in your routine now that needs to change? What would help you? What is something you’ve been wanting to sort out but just never got around to it? 

An example may be – exercise. I am not a gym person, and I have definitely let movement & exercise go over the last 6 months. And I’m starting to feel the effects in my body… So what would help me? What would make my body feel stronger? How could I have less aches & pains & injuiries? Adding back 10-15 minutes of Pilates or yoga or qigong or just intentional movement every day.  Where do I fit this in? I’m too busy! Well I’m always going to be busy LOL. But that doesn’t mean I ignore the fact that I still need to do this for myself, right?  So I’ll make time for it, build it into my daily routine so that it becomes a habit. I may not like it at first, but as I continue to complete my sessions daily, I’ll see how beneficial it is to my life and I will be the one who took charge of my health. 

What’s in your routine that needs to be changed? What will help you? 

So again, the 3 quotes that I’m sharing this week that will help you remember to build better habits where

Move different if you want different 

A behavior usually becomes easier to do when repeated. 

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. 

Which quote was your favourite? Is there one that you’re going to remember as you move forward with your goals? 

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